The Jokers

The Jokers are a rock band based in the North West of Engand, their 3rd album Hurricane was released in October last year via SPV/Steamhammer and they received great press and radio play. 

 “You can tell where The Jokers get their chops, as soon as ‘Run 4 Cover’ dashes round the corner. It’s the allure of ‘70’s British hard rock, with occasional nods towards the previous decade. And, keeping a distinct live attitude makes ‘Hurricane’ an inviting breeze. The Jokers mix influences from The Faces, Humble Pie and The Yardbirds, striking a rich vein with the soul flame on ‘Her Word Is Love’ and the funky patch on ‘She’s On Fire’… These Jokers ought to be taken seriously.” (Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock, November 2015)

 “These days it seems almost everyone is pigeon-holed to some degree; one thing for sure is The Jokers can’t be lumped in with any one sub-genre, they are way too clever and diverse than that. In using the word diverse, I use it as a huge compliment in as much as it’s not cookie cutter, by the numbers, formulaic, over produced, nicey nicey Hard Rock, it’s entirely the opposite; rootsy, driven, Bluesy, old-school, well played, laid back, up tempo, groove-laden Hard Rock of the highest quality… What a wonderful surprise; a superb album, deserving of a home in your collection sooner rather than later.”(Kieran Dargan, Fireworks Magazine Nov / Dec 2015)

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