1. From Australia, recently settled and married here, just want to meet like minded people and party with the best, first bulldog bash for me, lookin forward to it.

  2. Hi, a friend of mine, Rueben ‘Rocky’ Rockal has just got back from the Bash. He had to ride back with no jacket, money, license etc. Due, of course, to some theiving bastard.
    I’m just hoping that they were just after any money that was in the jacket and that perhaps his license and ,maybe, his phone might have been dumped. Is there someone I can get in touch with who does the clearing up at the end, lost property or the like?

  3. Can you let me know if a van is allowed into the Bulldog Bash,
    there are some Dutch and maybe German brothers& sisters
    want to come over for it, but up to now they don’t all have bikes on the road.
    So i said i would ask, see what you say?
    MLLH&R sffs81

  4. Always always want to go to one of these, but I don’t own a bike yet ( but it’s on my bucket list ) to own on
    It’s not really a thing my friends are into either
    But I’m literally dying to go.

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