Elvana: Elvis Fronted Nirvana


From the bowels of Disgraceland, Rock & Roll icons of the afterlife are raised from the dead! Rock & Roll meets Grunge as Elvis fronts Nirvana and gives the band the front man it’s been missing since ’94. Elvana tear through Nirvana’s catalogue whilst splicing in grunged up sections of the king of rock & rolls finest moments, culminating in an audible orgasm of overdrive & old school Rockabilly. It smells like cheeseburgers and teen spirit, daddy-o! 

Elvis Presley and Nirvana: two world-changing, iconic acts. Whose idea was it to fuse them together?

“It just started out as a stupid conversation about a year and a half ago. We’ve been doing music as long as we can remember – we’ve been in and out of bands trying to make it and release CDs, but nothing particularly happened. Danny, our guitarist, said he was interested in doing a cover band. I’ve never been one for doing covers; I much prefer doing original material and all that. Danny said he wanted to do a bit of his favourite stuff: a bit of Nirvana and a bit of Elvis Presley, and that’s literally where it came from. Just saying: ‘Ha, wouldn’t it be funny if we had Elvis singing Nirvana. Of courseyou’d call it Elvana, wouldn’t you? Hahaha.’ Then there was this moment of silence. ‘Elvana? Could we… nah, that’s just bollocks, right?’ We kept coming back to the idea and did a rehearsal – it works a lot better than you’d think, especially with songs like Aneurysm, School and Lithium. I’m not gonna profess that I’ve got the greatest Elvis impersonation in the world, but I’m working on it!

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