Bands 2016

2016 Line Up so far
New bands are being added all the time, please check back for updates

The 81 Connection

Sack Sabbath

Mercenary UK

The Hair Rock Experience

Stone Deaf

Purple Jimi 

Fifteen English Pounds


Forever Free

Hung Like Hanratty

Women of Rock UK

Aynt Skynryd

Mean n Me Lady

Easy Dread

Hot Flex

Black Bullets

Johnnys Cash


  1. How about getting Blackberry smoke or Ozric Tentacles playing>Both great bands.
    How about a rhythm and blues band?
    Its good to see a reggae band turn up and hope they play some dub.
    Good luck lads with the show.

  2. Greetings!

    I am trying to get ahead of the game and register for 2016’s Bulldog Bash. We are Exhibit A, a rock and punk covers band from Nottinghamshire.

    If anyone gets a chance to come and see us we are playing at the Tap N Tumbler on 31st July, their Halloween party on 30th October and the 11th of December.

    Bike rallies and parties are the best gigs and this year we have played the NABD National Rally headlining the Family Tent and also the Farmyard Party at Helmsley.

    We’d love to meet you and if you wish to attend any of our other gigs they are all listed on our website.

    Much L & R

    Chris Harwood

    Exhibit A

  3. I saw a group called Hayseed Dixie at a Bike rally in wales a few years back, they were Awesome and they got some good vids on YouTube, would love to see them live again, they where different but with an appeal to everyone, anyway see you all at the Bash 🙂

  4. hi i’ll be coming to the bash this year but i’m wondering if it would be okay to bring my dog along too??…

  5. Really enjoyed 2014. Wondered if you would think of some different types of music.

    Indie county Rock band – “Cutting down mama’s torso” and thrash metal Cambridge based “Fathers gun with somethin special”……..also try reggae 10 piece “Shat a month of Sundays”

    All very good and cheap.

  6. You need a dj I’m Shergar djd 10 years 4 resident at stiletoes in Leicester .I play house n r n b n a bit of 80s too looking to do a set or 3
    As it’s the euros too be good to wind up the atmos and hit the crowd with some uplifting tunage

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