Bessie & The Zincbuckets

South Shields band Bessie and the Zinc Buckets became the first act, who hadn’t previously recorded any material, to sell out the City Hall last year. Needless to say, they, and their clamouring fans, are back for a second helpings this year.

“We’ve done it, we’ve sold it oot!” That was the cry of Bessie and the Zinc Buckets’ singer and double bass player, Kevin Charlton, when he and the band walked out onto the City Hall stage last year. The band had decided to hold a special concert to celebrate their 30th anniversary and were astonished when they not only sold all 800 seats in the stalls, but all of the seats in the balcony, too. The band have built up an enormous following over the decades, throughout the north-east and beyond, who just can’t get enough of their good-time rockabilly sound. And they strapped rocket-boosters onto that sound for last year’s raucous gig which damn near loosened the foundations of that venerable venue. They’re back again this December for a gig they’re billing as ‘Santa Claus is coming to Toon’ and they’re asking audience members to get into the spirit of things by donning some suitable Santa garb. They will probably sell out again, but, as a band true to their roots, they’ll never “sell out…”

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