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Jim’s Van – Pre-Book Camping Supplies

For those of you who would prefer not to haul your tent and camping gear with you, Jim’s Van offers their great-value Pre-Order+Collect service.

All you do is order the kit you need at www.jimsvan.com and then collect it from them when you arrive at the Bulldog Bash.

They stock a range of tents, sleeping bags, airbeds and all sorts of other useful stuff. And there are money saving offers for bundles of kit and for groups of two or more buying together.

We spotted Jim’s Van at Download Festival this year and we hope they make things easier for you at the Bulldog Bash.


Parking In Stratford On Avon


Please don’t park on the waterside pavement or you will be ticketed
Bike parking is in the Bridgefoot car park (CV37 6YX) with overspill behind the leisure centre.

Enjoy yourselves & see the sights & don’t get a ticket


New Sponsor – Bikekini

Visit website: http://www.bikekini.co.uk/

Like you we are passionate about bikes and have been for over 30 yrs.

They are not merely modes of transport, they are moving art, things of beauty, combining raw power with excitement and pleasure. It is one of the few freedoms left in transport, the ability to cut through traffic, enjoy the twists & bends of the open road and to be able to see, feel and smell the countryside changing as you eat up the miles – biking appeals to the senses.

We don’t want to cover up such things of beauty, we want to proudly display them. When you park, cut the engine and heel out the side stand, there is a sense of ceremony as you climb off your motorcycle and remove your helmet. BIKEKINI™ extends that ceremony to the next level.

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