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  1. Is it really fair to have unridden,untaxed,unm.o.t’d and in some cases….like a certain Triumph in the gallery that’s not even REGISTERED be allowed to enter these competitions& Shows??
    That particular Triumph was PUSHED out of a van here& at other shows this year then PUSHED into the arena! There were also other bikes that were pushed out of vans,had a cup full of petrol put in to fire them up,then at the end of the show the owners are seen draining the petrol back out of them then putting them back in their vans to take them home&sputtering them on their mantelpieces till the next show.
    To me I find this unfair. There are so many hard working owners that build amazing bikes then RIDE THEM! They are the real committed bikers that create masterpieces then ride and maintain them putting mileage on the clocks& rubber on the roads and then still present a masterpiece at these shows having ridden them there in the pissing down rain.
    They are the true winners of these shows. I take my hat off to you dedicated folks& may you have many happy hours in the saddle,enormous miles on your clocks,many happy hours tinkering in your sheds maintaining your REAL bikes and trophy cabinets bursting with the prizes you deserve for your hard work&dedication.
    See you all at next years show

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